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If you Google "Gordon Brockman auctioneer", you will find countless examples of Gordon's work for charities of all kinds, and his entertaining talks to all types of organisations. On this page are shown just a few examples, but what they show is a highly knowledgable person who often uses his skills for the benefit of others.
Families should not rush into calling on house clearance companies, but to first have an expert valuation of a house contents. This is to ensure than any valuable items benefit the family. Invariably, there are items of value, and these will certainly be undervalued in a general house clearance.

From the press:
Gordon Brockman was our brilliant auctioneer. He worked incredibly hard during the evening; he had over 80 lots to sell, and had to persuade buyers to part with their hard-earned cash. He did this with humour and professionalism, entertaining an audience of about 100, most of whom went home very pleased to have secured a bargain.

Auctioneer Gordon Brockman will be taking part in a charity valuation day. After many years he is now a freelance auctioneer and valuer. He has featured on the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, and will value antiques, collectables and pictures. Fees will go to Diabetes UK and Dorothy House Hospice Care. Mr Brockman said: “It is a pleasure to be asked to do this sort of thing and hopefully raise lots of money. You never know what people are going to bring in.”

Gordon Brockman, star of the BBC Antiques Road Trip series, spent a day valuing antiques, collectables and pictures in Kington Langley. The event at Church Farm was organised as a fundraiser for the village’s primary school.

A plethora of silver items awaited Gordon Brockman when he paid a return visit to Dinton WI. The fact that just 3 members were missing shows what a popular speaker he is.


After starting as a Freelance Auctioneer and Probate Valuer after many years in the antiques business, my reasons are clear. Many house clearance firms prey on people's vulnerability, at often a stressful time, and having sold at auction a rare book for £15,000, which went to a house clearance company, rather than to the family
...I REST MY CASE!....
This mug sold for £1400.

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